A Stay-at-Home-Mom Re-enters the Workforce: My Journey as a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist


For many stay-at-home-moms, choosing to re-enter the workforce can be both an exciting and a daunting task.  As a stay-at-home-mom who went on to become a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist, I found my transition back to the workforce to be not just exciting but also rewarding.

How and why was this position perfect for me?


Choosing to Re-enter the Workforce

working with j. hilburnAfter years working in corporate America, I chose to stay at home with my three grade-school age children.  I loved this time with them, and I count myself lucky for being able to spend these years with them.

As many of us know, staying at home with children is still work!  But as many of us also know, it is not paid work.

Seven years after choosing to stay at home, our family’s financial needs changed significantly.  I needed to find a new source of income, but I wanted something that afforded me the opportunity to be home for my children and still pull in a professional income.  That’s when I found J. Hilburn.


Becoming a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist

So why J. Hilburn?  Why them, as opposed to any other company that might allow me the flexibility to work from home?

It wasn’t just that I could create my own hours.  It wasn’t just that I could build my own business and help others do the same.  I chose J. Hilburn for these reasons and because I had never experienced a similar company that had not only real long term financial rewards but also a clear vision for building a dynamic, powerful brand.  And in building this brand, they are committed to their partners, like me, every step of the way.

My transition into the company was also easy.  I could build my business at my own pace, working with my professional contacts and educating myself within the time parameters available to me.  And my business has been growing ever since.


Working with J. Hilburn

So what do I do as a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist?  On a practical level, I bring the clothing store to men.  Instead of having to shop for their clothes in stores, my customers can meet me on their time, at their convenience, and select their clothing from J. Hilburn’s vast catalog of everything from formal wear to business wear to weekend casual wear.  I even take their measurements to ensure that their custom clothing fits impeccably.

But on a more personal level, I help bring personal style, character, and class back to my customers.  Being a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist isn’t just about finding my customers’ precise measurements: it’s also about helping them express their inner confidence through the way they dress.  Deep down, every man wants to be a gentlemen.  As  a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist, my goal is to help facilitate just that.


The Hard Work and the Rewards

To be clear, J. Hilburn is not a get rich quick scheme.  I’ve had to apply myself and dedicate myself to my business in order to reach my current level of success.  With that being said, J. Hilburn still offers all of its Personal Stylists the opportunity to work part-time hours and earn a professional income.  More than that, they offer numerous rewards to those partners who continue to build their customer base and their partner base.

None of the opportunities with J. Hilburn are hypothetical either: they are real.  And I am living proof of that.


This is all why I chose J. Hilburn as my route to re-entering the workforce as a former stay-at-home-mom.  The financial and personal rewards are there, the brand strength is there, and my own J. Hilburn business is here–and all over the country–growing ever steadily each day.

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Are you a stay-at-home-mom looking to enter or re-enter the workforce?  Are you looking to launch a new career  or even just earn a second income?  Please contact me today to learn more about becoming a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist.

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