2013: A J. Hilburn Year in Review


Every year with J. Hilburn is an exciting year. We’ve continued to grow our sales exponentially, we’ve added hundreds of new personal stylists, and we’ve gained many more satisfied (and stylish) customers.

2013 has been a particularly exciting year. In fact, all of the exciting things that have happened this year seem to foreshadow all of the amazing things that are sure to happen for J. Hilburn in 2014.

What has made 2013 such a banner year?


1. Inc. Magazine ranked J. Hilburn #605 on its 2013 5000 List.

Inc 5000Posting a 758% three-year growth and a revenue stream that increased more than eight times over a three year period, it’s no surprise that Inc. Magazine took notice of J. Hilburn for this year’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list. Considering that 2013 has been such a successful year for J. Hilburn, we’re all looking forward to where we rank on Inc.’s list in 2014.





2. Inc. Magazine also ran a feature story on J. Hilburn co-founder, Hil Davis.

Part of what has made J. Hilburn so successful–and part of what distinguishes it from other menswear brands–is our unique business model. In “Made to Measure,” Inc. talks with Davis about how he has blended direct sales with luxury men’s clothing to deliver a business that brings personal stylists and custom and ready-to-wear clothing directly to J. Hilburn’s customers.


3. J. Hilburn opened our first pop-up shop in New York.

During its limited two-week run in October, the J. Hilburn pop-up shop (operating as “A Fortnight in Soho”) introduced J. Hilburn’s clothing and personal stylists to throngs of old and new customers. Everyone from Esquire to Time Out New York took notice too.

j. hilburn clothing



4. J. Hilburn clothing continues to appear on the “best of” lists in some of the industry’s finest publications.

Men’s Journal selected J. Hilburn as one of their “best on-demand bespoke suits.” Esquire Magazine chose J. Hilburn as one of their best suits under $1000. John Ruhlin chose J. Hilburn as one of the 13 most memorable executive gifts.

From custom suiting to custom dress shirts to ready-to-wear sweaters and other apparel, we think we’re some of the best affordable luxury clothing out there too.


5. J. Hilburn has also shared wonderful videos illustrating just what makes our company and our clothing so special.

We’ve shared a behind-the-scenes look at Magna Leather and the craftsmanship behind our leather belts. We’ve shared the Style TV coverage of the J. Hilburn pop-up shop.

And we’ve also shared this video from J. Hilburn co-founder, Veeral Rathod, demonstrating how J. Hilburn is revolutionizing the marketplace.

It only seems fitting that the revolution will continue in 2014.


Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and stylish 2014!

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