How Does J. Hilburn Fit the Fashion Forecast for 2014?


On the very last day of 2013, Wall Street Journal fashion reporter, Christina Binkley, released a fashion forecast for 2014. With a look ahead to upcoming trends and styles, Binkley’s forecast includes much of what J. Hilburn already carries and a good deal of what we plan to carry in our 2014 collections.

What are some of the key moments from Binkley’s piece?

The new “It” color—purple—complements nearly every complexion. Some easy-wearing classics— [such as] preppy shirt patterns for men…will continue to rebound.

J. Hilburn’s custom shirts are available in a variety of patterns and colors, including an array of purples ranging from lavender to eggplant. We even have a blend of the the new “It” color with the preppy shirt patterns that Binkley describes in our white and purple gingham fabric.

Say “yes” to pinstripe suits and hosiery for daytime and to tuxedos and sequins as evening wear: Elegance is back, but with a very modern sense of ease…Gentlemen, break out your ties, and enjoy the option—not the requirement—of wearing them.

Modern tuxedos with a classic elegance. Classic tuxedos with a modern fit. Whichever way you look at it, J. Hilburn can outfit you with formalwear that is expertly and impeccably tailored.

tuxedo fall 2013


Many middle-aged men will welcome new “traditional” styles, which not only recall their dads but add an extra inch or two in the girth to trendy slim sizes.

A double-breasted suit can look chic. A pocket square can elevate your style. These trends aren’t old-fashioned: with the right modern look, they are a fashion-forward nod to some of the very best vintage styles.

j. hilburn fall7


Metrosexuals are so 2004, but in 2014, men will come into their own as fashion victims. Overdesigned clothes and a plethora of manly hair and skin-care lines will enable carriers of Y chromosomes to make fashion choices just as ill-judged as those of the fairer sex.

As humorous as Binkley’s assessment might seem, it’s an important insight into men’s fashion too. This is why J. Hilburn always integrates contemporary trends with a respect for class and elegance. No J. Hilburn customer deserves to be a fashion victim.

So here you have it: Logos won’t disappear in 2014, but they’ll be more subtle.

You won’t find a J. Hilburn piece emblazoned with our logo in big, bold letters. What you will find, always and forever, is the ever-present look, feel, and impeccable fit of all J. Hilburn clothing.

And that look, feel, and fit are things that will always be on trend.

suit fall 2103


Make sure to check out the rest of Binkley’s 2014 fashion forecast.

Contact me today to keep your wardrobe on trend for 2014!

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