Corporate Gifting and Custom Clothing


As you  consider corporate gift ideas for this year, make sure to include the gift of custom clothing on your list.

It might not seem like an obvious choice at first. You probably don’t know your recipients’ measurements. You don’t know their style. You might not even remember what they were wearing the last time you saw them.

A J. Hilburn custom shirt package, however, takes all the guesswork out of custom clothing. When you purchase a J. Hilburn custom shirt (or set of custom shirts) for someone, you give them:

  • Access to their own J. Hilburn Personal Stylist.
  • Assistance with fit, style, and wardrobe-building.
  • The luxury of having a shirt created from ten of their unique body measurements.
  • The ability to choose from dozens of fabrics in an array of colors and patterns so that they can get the look that they prefer.
  • A selection of twelve customization options for their final shirt(s).
  • The choice to make their custom shirt as formal or casual as they want it to be.
  • A Shirt that Fits™–truly.

corporate gift ideas

Moreover, you give them something they can remember you by.

In fact, a J. Hilburn custom shirt meets all the requirements that most people are looking for when seeking a good corporate gift idea. It’s thoughtful. It’s personalized. It’s unique. It’s useful. And since it’s a shirt, it will get multiple uses: every time the recipient slips it on, he’ll think of you and your business.


So let’s talk.

Schedule an appointment. Send me an email. Give me a call. I’d be happy to help you create a custom shirt gift package for your corporate gifting needs.

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