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How to Mix Patterns Like a Pro - Sara Priest


How to Mix Patterns Like a Pro


Mixing patterns: it’s a style move that leaves many men (and many women, for that matter) feeling a bit intimidated. When done right, however, it can make a huge impact on your style.

So step out of your suiting comfort zone. Here are five quick tips to help you mix patterns like a pro.

1. Let one pattern dominate, and let the other(s) be the accent.

how to mix patterns

In this ensemble, the burgundy multi-striped tie stands out most, creating an elegant, classic look. The other patterns work like a supporting cast: they’re present, and they’re important, but they don’t overshadow the main print.


2. Choose a neutral fabric to make contrasting patterns look cohesive.

how to mix patterns

Offset by the neutral blue, the blue and tan plaid jacket and the polka dot pocket square make a striking combination.


3. Blend two sizes or scales of the same pattern.

how to mix patterns

The large checks on the jacket and the small checks on the custom shirt complement each other beautifully. The pocket square adds just the right contrast and color to the overall look.


4. Pair different prints of the same color(s).

how to mix patterns

A white and navy pocket round. A white and navy-striped custom shirt. A white and navy dotted tie with red accents. Suiting style doesn’t get more gorgeous than this look.


5. Find one color that runs throughout each pattern.

how to mix patterns

Up close, you’ll notice the slight shade of purple on the tie, the personalized jacket, and the pocket square. From far away, you’ll still see a suit that is bold, bright, and stunningly accented.

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