Is a Home Business Right for You?


Working from home: Some people think it’s a matter of living the dream. Others think that it’s a total nightmare. You might even be wondering if an at-home job is the right fit for you.

I’ve worked from home for over a decade and know that it is the absolute right fit for me. But I’ve also coached and mentored individuals who just couldn’t get working-from-home to work for them. If you’re considering pursuing an at-home job, you should also consider these five points  before launching your at-home career.

1. Are you self-motivated?

And I’m not just talking about simple self-motivation. Any successful person has at least some level of self-motivation. But to work from home successfully, you need to find the drive and motivation to work without any face-to-face co-workers inspiring (and yes, sometimes bothering) you on a day-to-day basis. Your goals will come primarily from you: not anyone else.

2. Can you build a work-related network?

No one succeeds in a vacuum. You still need to make connections with people outside your home office in order for your home business to succeed. That might mean attending industry conferences, establishing regular coffee or lunch dates with other at-home workers, or going out of your way to meet and connect with clients outside of your home. Without building this sort of network, you risk missing out on those important relationships that can take your business to the next level.

3. Is your business going to offer the right sort of financial reward for you?

Some people start a home business in order to supplement their family’s income. Others are looking for complete financial independence. Whatever it is that you’re seeking, make sure that you have enough savings in place–and a solid business plan–in order to ensure that your home business will help you meet your financial goals.

4. Are you able to set boundaries between your work and your life within your home?

Some people establish a separate home office–one where they can close the door at the end of the day, thereby keeping their work life and home life absolutely distinct. Others find that they are happy to have a more mobile “home office” and prefer to work all over their house at different times during the day. You can find what works best for you. Just make sure that your home business setup allows you to find balance between work and everything outside of your job.

5. Do you have a passion for your work?

Especially if you are starting your own business at home, this passion will help keep you motivated and inspired to grow and change your business over time. Passion, or at least a sincere interest in what you do for a living, will keep you motivated, will keep you in search of that ever-important network, and will keep you on the path to success.

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