J. Hilburn Now Offering Allen Edmonds Shoes


Custom shirts, made-to-measure jackets, and an array of ready-to-wear men’s clothing have been staples at J. Hilburn for years. Clothes that make men look good and feel great are what J. Hilburn is all about.

Though the company has outfitted men’s feet with some stylish socks for a while now, there have been no J. Hilburn shoes on the market.

At least not until now.

j. hiburn shoes

J. Hilburn isn’t venturing into the shoe business alone, however. They’ve partnered with Allen Edmonds, a company that has been crafting fine men’s shoes since 1922. Using superior materials–including calf skin, cordovan, and cork footbeds–Allen Edmonds prides themselves on creating luxury goods at affordable prices. They’re committed to classic styling, ultimate comfort, and footwear that lasts for life.

In other words, they have many of the same goals that J. Hilburn does.

j. hilburn shoes


Starting now, Allen Edmonds is selling three shoe styles via J. Hilburn: oxfords, wingtips, and loafers. These casual and formal selections allow you to choose shoes that will help you dress for almost any occasion.

No matter which shoe (or shoes) you choose, J. Hilburn customers can order their shoes via their personal stylists, who can also assist you with style, fit, and shoe and clothing-pairing advice. It’s easy, convenient, and stylish: just like J. Hilburn always has been and always will be.

j. hilburn shoes

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