It’s what I feel toward all the clients who have trusted me as their personal stylist.

It’s what I feel toward all my team members who have changed not only my life but also their own with their drive, talent, and energy.

It’s what I feel toward all of you who have shared (and will share) your J. Hilburn reviews and testimonials here.

Thank you.


I am a busy entrepreneur in a successful business and constantly in front customers where I need to look my best.  Time is always a commodity I could use more of...which is one of the appealing aspects of working with Sara and J Hilburn.  When I am in need of business clothing, I just call Sara.  I love how Sara makes the process of selecting and acquiring my apparel easy and enjoyable. I can tell her what clothing related business need I have and Sara can translate my need into an answer with service that always exceeds my expectations and delivers an unsurpassed product.  Why would I want to shop anywhere else? scott-fay
Scott Fay is a man on a mission to help people on a mission.  He is a professional coach and trainer as well as an author.  You can learn more about Scott at www.scottfay.com.
Scott FayScott Fay
If I had 15 seconds to tell someone about J Hilburn, I’d say that I have been buying work clothes off the rack from major department stores all my life. I can’t believe what a difference a custom tailored shirt/pant makes. I’ve never had dress shirts/pants fit so well…I can even add my own style changes (buttons, collars etc). I could wonder why it took me 25 years to try something different in dress clothing…but I know the answer is that J Hilburn (and Sara) finally made it easy for me to find and leverage something better!Kurt Walk
My husband loves the custom shirts he has from J. Hilburn!Elizabeth McCormick


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