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J. Hilburn Now Offering Allen Edmonds Shoes


Custom shirts, made-to-measure jackets, and an array of ready-to-wear men’s clothing have been staples at J. Hilburn for years. Clothes that make men look good and feel great are what J. Hilburn is all about.

Though the company has outfitted men’s feet with some stylish socks for a while now, there have been no J. Hilburn shoes on the market.

At least not until now.

j. hiburn shoes

J. Hilburn isn’t venturing into the shoe business alone, however. They’ve partnered with Allen Edmonds, a company that has been crafting fine men’s shoes since 1922. Using superior materials–including calf skin, cordovan, and cork footbeds–Allen Edmonds prides themselves on creating luxury goods at affordable prices. They’re committed to classic styling, ultimate comfort, and footwear that lasts for life.

In other words, they have many of the same goals that J. Hilburn does.

j. hilburn shoes


Starting now, Allen Edmonds is selling three shoe styles via J. Hilburn: oxfords, wingtips, and loafers. These casual and formal selections allow you to choose shoes that will help you dress for almost any occasion.

No matter which shoe (or shoes) you choose, J. Hilburn customers can order their shoes via their personal stylists, who can also assist you with style, fit, and shoe and clothing-pairing advice. It’s easy, convenient, and stylish: just like J. Hilburn always has been and always will be.

j. hilburn shoes

Stock up on Menswear Summer Essentials


Summer is the season of vacations, backyard barbecues, and endless warm days. It’s also the season of shorts, short-sleeves, linen, wedding attire, and more.

What menswear summer essentials can you stock up on this summer?



J. Hilburn offers a variety of short styles and fabrics, ranging from linen and cotton blends to more structured cotton twills. Find the pair that suits your own style.

shorts spring 2015


Tees and polos

Even casual situations call for a good style. Stock up on tees or polos before the warm summer weather is here to stay.

tee spring 2015


Custom shirts

Finding the perfect summer shirt is easy when you create it yourself. J. Hilburn custom shirts are crafted to your specific measurements, with every button, fabric, cuff, and collar selected by you.

summer essentials


From sportcoats to dress shirts, linen can help you bridge the professional and the casual with a look that’s a seasonal classic.

summer essentials


Wedding attire

Some weddings call for suits or even casual wear. Others call for the full, formal force of a tuxedo. Whatever your wedding attire needs–or whatever your red carpet needs (see Broadway star Robbie Fairchild’s photo below)–J. Hilburn can dress you for your wedding.

summer essentials menswear


Let me help you stock up on your menswear summer essentials. Schedule an appointment today to set up a quick, easy fitting.

Is a Home Business Right for You?


Working from home: Some people think it’s a matter of living the dream. Others think that it’s a total nightmare. You might even be wondering if an at-home job is the right fit for you.

I’ve worked from home for over a decade and know that it is the absolute right fit for me. But I’ve also coached and mentored individuals who just couldn’t get working-from-home to work for them. If you’re considering pursuing an at-home job, you should also consider these five points  before launching your at-home career.

1. Are you self-motivated?

And I’m not just talking about simple self-motivation. Any successful person has at least some level of self-motivation. But to work from home successfully, you need to find the drive and motivation to work without any face-to-face co-workers inspiring (and yes, sometimes bothering) you on a day-to-day basis. Your goals will come primarily from you: not anyone else.

2. Can you build a work-related network?

No one succeeds in a vacuum. You still need to make connections with people outside your home office in order for your home business to succeed. That might mean attending industry conferences, establishing regular coffee or lunch dates with other at-home workers, or going out of your way to meet and connect with clients outside of your home. Without building this sort of network, you risk missing out on those important relationships that can take your business to the next level.

3. Is your business going to offer the right sort of financial reward for you?

Some people start a home business in order to supplement their family’s income. Others are looking for complete financial independence. Whatever it is that you’re seeking, make sure that you have enough savings in place–and a solid business plan–in order to ensure that your home business will help you meet your financial goals.

4. Are you able to set boundaries between your work and your life within your home?

Some people establish a separate home office–one where they can close the door at the end of the day, thereby keeping their work life and home life absolutely distinct. Others find that they are happy to have a more mobile “home office” and prefer to work all over their house at different times during the day. You can find what works best for you. Just make sure that your home business setup allows you to find balance between work and everything outside of your job.

5. Do you have a passion for your work?

Especially if you are starting your own business at home, this passion will help keep you motivated and inspired to grow and change your business over time. Passion, or at least a sincere interest in what you do for a living, will keep you motivated, will keep you in search of that ever-important network, and will keep you on the path to success.

Learn more about starting a home business.



How to Mix Patterns Like a Pro


Mixing patterns: it’s a style move that leaves many men (and many women, for that matter) feeling a bit intimidated. When done right, however, it can make a huge impact on your style.

So step out of your suiting comfort zone. Here are five quick tips to help you mix patterns like a pro.

1. Let one pattern dominate, and let the other(s) be the accent.

how to mix patterns

In this ensemble, the burgundy multi-striped tie stands out most, creating an elegant, classic look. The other patterns work like a supporting cast: they’re present, and they’re important, but they don’t overshadow the main print.


2. Choose a neutral fabric to make contrasting patterns look cohesive.

how to mix patterns

Offset by the neutral blue, the blue and tan plaid jacket and the polka dot pocket square make a striking combination.


3. Blend two sizes or scales of the same pattern.

how to mix patterns

The large checks on the jacket and the small checks on the custom shirt complement each other beautifully. The pocket square adds just the right contrast and color to the overall look.


4. Pair different prints of the same color(s).

how to mix patterns

A white and navy pocket round. A white and navy-striped custom shirt. A white and navy dotted tie with red accents. Suiting style doesn’t get more gorgeous than this look.


5. Find one color that runs throughout each pattern.

how to mix patterns

Up close, you’ll notice the slight shade of purple on the tie, the personalized jacket, and the pocket square. From far away, you’ll still see a suit that is bold, bright, and stunningly accented.

J. Hilburn 2014: A Year in Review


2014 was yet another banner year for J. Hilburn. It was a transformational year. A stellar year. A successful year. And, of course, it was a stylish year.

Here are some of the highlights.


The Spring/Summer 2014 line

Pastels, linens, crisp suits, and swaths of sunshine. This line was a welcome burst of brightness after such a cold and dreary winter.

j. hilburn 2014


J. Hilburn suit featured on viral photos

This past summer, Ohio natives Josh and Sarah Walk decided to elope in Iceland. In addition to their wedding attire, they took their photographer, Gabe McClintock, with them. The pictures he captured went viral almost as soon as the couple posted them on Facebook.

What’s the J. Hilburn connection? Josh was wearing his personalized and made-to-measure J. Hilburn suit in each one of the photographs.

© Gabe McClintock Photography – image used with permission

© Gabe McClintock Photography – image used with permission


An incredible conference

Every year, J. Hilburn hosts a conference for its Personal Stylists. Held in Dallas, this year’s conference was truly spectacular, with appearances from the likes of Scott Bedbury (internationally known branding expert), Nic Screws (fashion editor at Esquire Magazine), and Brian Boye (fashion and grooming director at Men’s Health Magazine).

J. Hilburn COO Larry Hagenbuch pays homage to UPS and all the fine work they do in partnership with J. Hlburn.

J. Hilburn COO Larry Hagenbuch pays homage to UPS and all the fine work they do in partnership with J. Hilburn.


Pop-up shop 2014

As they did in 2013, J. Hilburn opened a pop-up shop in New York City during late autumn. The store garnered lots of customer attention and tons of great press, including this excellent chat with Veeral Rathod (J. Hilburn CEO and co-founder) and the Wall Street Journal.

j. hilburn 2014


And finally, an amazing Fall/Winter 2014 line

Just like the Spring/Summer Line, J. Hilburn wowed us all with their new Fall and Winter selections. There’s enough gorgeous clothing to keep us warm and stylish until Spring 2015.

j. hilburn holiday gift guide

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