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J. Hilburn: The Perfect Fit - Sara Priest

J. Hilburn: The Perfect Fit

j. hilburn personal stylistThe life of a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist is a perfect fit for…


…those looking for a second income stream.

Whether you’re looking to add another income stream to your family’s overall earnings or to your individual earnings, becoming a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist might be just the career you’re seeking. It can offer you enough flexibility to reap the rewards of an additional career while also maintaining other roles outside of your work for J. Hilburn.

…those seeking a flexible schedule.

As a J. Hilburn personal stylist, you have the ability to create your own schedule. You make the appointments with your clients. You grow your business at your own pace and according to your own needs. And you determine whether you make your business a part-time or a full-time career.


…people who prefer to work from home.

Besides J. Hilburn training sessions, our annual conference, and the appointments you make with your customers, most of a Personal Stylist’s work can be completed from home. In fact, approximately 80% of our stylists work from home. This makes the job a perfect fit for stay-at-home parents, new retirees, or even people looking for a greater work/life balance.


…parents re-entering the work force after staying home with their children.

Building a business as a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist takes much of the same organization, dedication, and drive that it takes to stay at home with young children. It’s no secret that I chose J. Hilburn as a way to reignite my career after staying home with my kids. That choice has given my family greater financial stability, and it has given me enormous personal satisfaction and success.


…people starting, building, or even ending their careers.

This is one of the amazing things about J. Hilburn: it can fit so many different lifestyle needs and arrangements. It can be a starting career. It can be a career that someone chooses after deciding to leave more traditional work. And it can even be career that someone chooses after they retire from another career. It’s a flexible job. It’s a high growth job. And it’s a job with tremendous rewards.


What about my team of J. Hilburn Personal Stylists?

My team is comprised of partners from coast to coast.  Because of the flexibility that J. Hilburn gives its partners, our businesses are built upon the contacts that we make.  This means that no territory boundaries limit your potential growth.  Growth potential is even possible in cities that already have multiple style consultants.  In Dallas, our highest density of partners is still less than 1% of the market share in households with income of $75,000 or greater  annually.  Your J. Hilburn business is all about youyour contacts and personal relationships, your networking and leadership, and your commitment to anything from a part-time to a full-fledged full time position as a J. Hilburn partner.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me to learn more about starting a career with J. Hilburn.  Now is the perfect time to take advantage of joining J. Hilburn as one of its partners.

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