2013: A J. Hilburn Year in Review


Every year with J. Hilburn is an exciting year. We’ve continued to grow our sales exponentially, we’ve added hundreds of new personal stylists, and we’ve gained many more satisfied (and stylish) customers.

2013 has been a particularly exciting year. In fact, all of the exciting things that have happened this year seem to foreshadow all of the amazing things that are sure to happen for J. Hilburn in 2014.

What has made 2013 such a banner year?


1. Inc. Magazine ranked J. Hilburn #605 on its 2013 5000 List.

Inc 5000Posting a 758% three-year growth and a revenue stream that increased more than eight times over a three year period, it’s no surprise that Inc. Magazine took notice of J. Hilburn for this year’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list. Considering that 2013 has been such a successful year for J. Hilburn, we’re all looking forward to where we rank on Inc.’s list in 2014.





2. Inc. Magazine also ran a feature story on J. Hilburn co-founder, Hil Davis.

Part of what has made J. Hilburn so successful–and part of what distinguishes it from other menswear brands–is our unique business model. In “Made to Measure,” Inc. talks with Davis about how he has blended direct sales with luxury men’s clothing to deliver a business that brings personal stylists and custom and ready-to-wear clothing directly to J. Hilburn’s customers.


3. J. Hilburn opened our first pop-up shop in New York.

During its limited two-week run in October, the J. Hilburn pop-up shop (operating as “A Fortnight in Soho”) introduced J. Hilburn’s clothing and personal stylists to throngs of old and new customers. Everyone from Esquire to Time Out New York took notice too.

j. hilburn clothing



4. J. Hilburn clothing continues to appear on the “best of” lists in some of the industry’s finest publications.

Men’s Journal selected J. Hilburn as one of their “best on-demand bespoke suits.” Esquire Magazine chose J. Hilburn as one of their best suits under $1000. John Ruhlin chose J. Hilburn as one of the 13 most memorable executive gifts.

From custom suiting to custom dress shirts to ready-to-wear sweaters and other apparel, we think we’re some of the best affordable luxury clothing out there too.


5. J. Hilburn has also shared wonderful videos illustrating just what makes our company and our clothing so special.

We’ve shared a behind-the-scenes look at Magna Leather and the craftsmanship behind our leather belts. We’ve shared the Style TV coverage of the J. Hilburn pop-up shop.

And we’ve also shared this video from J. Hilburn co-founder, Veeral Rathod, demonstrating how J. Hilburn is revolutionizing the marketplace.

It only seems fitting that the revolution will continue in 2014.


Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and stylish 2014!

Ring in the Holidays: Shop J. Hilburn Now, Earn Credits for Later


J. Hilburn is once again giving their customers the opportunity to earn credits with their purchases this November.

november credits






With the holidays right around the corner, this special offering could not come at a more perfect time. Whether you are in need of custom dress shirts for the workplace, formal wear for your holiday parties, or even an elegant gift to give to the stylish man in your life, J. Hilburn has a multitude of ways for you to earn credits for your December shopping.

In fact, using J. Hilburn’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, you could:

Purchase a custom shirt in our new blue luxury herringbone fabric in November, and then have enough credits to purchase two sets of J. Hilburn collar stays (a perfect stocking stuffer) in December.

Get a start on your holiday shopping with the purchase of four classic J. Hilburn ties in November, and earn enough credits to finish off your shopping with the purchase of a pocket square (for that super-stylish friend) in December.


j. hilburn ties













Treat someone (or a few someones) special to a custom leather belt, a Teju lizard billfold, a herringbone scarf, and a sterling silver tie bar in November, and earn enough credits to purchase a pair of gorgeous cuff links in December.

You could even purchase our stunning Tuscany weekender bag and shawl collar cardigan (for an incredibly special gift) in November, and earn enough credits to treat yourself to one of J. Hilburn’s cashmere sweaters.


























Whomever is on your holiday gift list, whatever your winter style needs, one thing is for certain: J. Hilburn has you covered this season. Getting a November start on your holiday and winter wear shopping could even earn you store credits in December too. And that is something for which we can all be thankful.


Please contact me today to get started on earning J. Hilburn credits this month.

J. Hilburn: Revolutionizing Menswear and Retail Shopping


fortnight in soho














Just last night, J. Hilburn’s SoHo pop up shop ended its two week run in New York City.

The response was fantastic. (Esquire featured us on their Style Blog.) The store’s opening introduced us to new fans. (Including the ever-adorable Menswear Dog.) And the store’s design even garnered praise left and right. (Just look at this incredible lighting fixture from the store!)

Best of all, the SoHo shop allowed J. Hilburn to introduce what we’re all about to anyone who entered the store.



As J. Hilburn’s VP of design and creative director, Jon Patrick, revealed to Esquire, “Fit is king” at J. Hilburn. Every article of our custom clothing is created based upon nearly a dozen of each customer’s unique measurements. The fit should be impeccable. It should inspire confidence and class and reveal the inner character and style that’s a part of each man.


Personal stylists

Even the customers at the SoHo store were treated to fittings from J. Hilburn personal stylists. In fact, every J. Hilburn customer has their own personal stylist. And because of our distinct business model, we’re able to keep our clothing prices affordable. We’re able to give men personal stylists without breaking the bank. This is definitely something extraordinary.


Shopping ease

Any man who purchased clothing at the SoHo shop now has his own J. Hilburn personal stylist. He doesn’t even have to leave his home or office to purchase more from J. Hilburn. He can contact his personal stylist, meet them at his home or office on his own schedule, and then select the clothing that best suits his particular style needs and his particular measurements. He can even visit our website to select from our line of ready-to-wear items.


So with impeccable fit, personal stylists, flexible shopping, and a model that is revolutionizing men’s retail experience, it’s a wonder that not every man is a J. Hilburn customer.

My guess is that it’s only a matter of time.

The J. Hilburn Experience


As the fastest growing custom clothing company and the number one maker of custom shirts in the world, J. Hilburn knows a thing or two about building a successful business around men’s custom clothing.

But the J. Hilburn’s success isn’t just about the numbers. It’s also about the people who make up the company and its nearly 3000 personal stylists.

More than that, J. Hilburn’s success is about our customers. Our customers keep coming back–and our customer base keeps growing–because we have an incredibly unique, efficient, and easy way to shop for clothing.

More than that, we help men gain confidence in expressing their personal style. We help men express their inner character through their clothing. We’re all about helping men to dress for the occasion, to rise to the occasion, and to get a sense for every occasion with the clothes that they wear.

But how do we accomplish this? What exactly is the J. Hiburn experience like for one of our customers?

  j. hilburn clothes

Custom fitting

Before their first J. Hilburn order, every customer meets with a Personal Stylist. This stylist has been well-trained to take a series of specific measurements to help ensure that each article of custom clothing fits impeccably.

In particular, if a man wants to get measured for a sport coat, trouser, and shirt, a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist will take approximately 10-15 unique measurements. This fastidious approach to fit is a signature of the J. Hilburn commitment to excellence.


Product selection

When meeting with a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist, a customer has the opportunity to take advantage of J. Hilburn’s renowned StyleKit iPad app. Through this app, a customer has access not only to their order history but also new pieces that might complement what they have already ordered. It’s just one of the many ways that J. Hilburn makes everything custom fit to each man.

When not ordering custom clothing, a J. Hilburn customer can also place ready-to-wear orders online and can access digital lookbooks showcasing the latest product selection from the company.


Clothing delivery

All J. Hilburn clothes are delivered and fitted to the customer in the convenience of his office or comfort of his home. This is what makes shopping for clothes so easy when it comes to J. Hilburn: long gone is the hassle of the mall and the awkwardness of store dressing rooms. With J. Hilburn, men don’t have to go out for their clothes: their clothes come to them.

j hilburn fall 2013 a

Updates and special offers tailored specifically to their taste and style

Because of J. Hilburn’s ingenious e-commerce model, they are able to build entire closet recommendations based on customers’ past purchases and style preferences. Paired with the expert knowledge from each Personal Stylist, a J. Hilburn customer no longer has to worry about what looks right or what fits well.


A continued relationship with their J. Hilburn Personal Stylist

What makes the J. Hilburn experience so unique is that it’s completely personalized. Some customers might want to meet with their Personal Stylist only a couple times each year to place orders with the new style seasons. Others might want to meet with their Personal Stylist more frequently so that they can stay up to date on style trends and wardrobe updates.

Whatever the case, each J. Hilburn customer can rest assured that his individual style and his expression of character is at the center of each of his purchases.

It’s what the J. Hilburn experience is all about.

j. hilburn clothes

J. Hilburn: At the Intersection of Value and Luxury


J. Hilburn is no stranger when it comes to luxury clothing.

Our shirts are crafted from fabrics from the finest Italian mills. Our suits and dress shirts are custom fit to each individual man and are based on over a dozen personal measurements. Our clients receive a personalized shopping experience where they can select from a catalog of custom and ready-to-wear clothing, all on their own time and in their own space.

And yet because of J. Hilburn’s ingenious business model, our customers also get the benefit of extraordinary value.

We don’t have to worry about the overhead of brick and mortar stores: better yet, we have personalized stylists trained to assist each and every J. Hilburn client with their sartorial needs. We have a brilliant e-commerce model, and we have remarkable, unique insights into our customers’ shopping needs and style preferences.

This intersection between luxury and value is part of what distinguishes us from so many other luxury and custom clothing companies.

You can see this intersection most clearly in J. Hilburn’s latest jackets, crafted with fine Loro Piana fabrics.

For instance, a J. Hilburn jacket crafted from the fabrics pictured below retails for $895. Purchased from Loro Piana, a jacket created from these very same fabrics is over  $4700.

j. hilburn client














 Is there any question? With J. Hilburn, you aren’t just at the intersection of value and luxury: you are at the peak of value and luxury.

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