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Stock up on Menswear Summer Essentials


Summer is the season of vacations, backyard barbecues, and endless warm days. It’s also the season of shorts, short-sleeves, linen, wedding attire, and more.

What menswear summer essentials can you stock up on this summer?



J. Hilburn offers a variety of short styles and fabrics, ranging from linen and cotton blends to more structured cotton twills. Find the pair that suits your own style.

shorts spring 2015


Tees and polos

Even casual situations call for a good style. Stock up on tees or polos before the warm summer weather is here to stay.

tee spring 2015


Custom shirts

Finding the perfect summer shirt is easy when you create it yourself. J. Hilburn custom shirts are crafted to your specific measurements, with every button, fabric, cuff, and collar selected by you.

summer essentials


From sportcoats to dress shirts, linen can help you bridge the professional and the casual with a look that’s a seasonal classic.

summer essentials


Wedding attire

Some weddings call for suits or even casual wear. Others call for the full, formal force of a tuxedo. Whatever your wedding attire needs–or whatever your red carpet needs (see Broadway star Robbie Fairchild’s photo below)–J. Hilburn can dress you for your wedding.

summer essentials menswear


Let me help you stock up on your menswear summer essentials. Schedule an appointment today to set up a quick, easy fitting.

How to Mix Patterns Like a Pro


Mixing patterns: it’s a style move that leaves many men (and many women, for that matter) feeling a bit intimidated. When done right, however, it can make a huge impact on your style.

So step out of your suiting comfort zone. Here are five quick tips to help you mix patterns like a pro.

1. Let one pattern dominate, and let the other(s) be the accent.

how to mix patterns

In this ensemble, the burgundy multi-striped tie stands out most, creating an elegant, classic look. The other patterns work like a supporting cast: they’re present, and they’re important, but they don’t overshadow the main print.


2. Choose a neutral fabric to make contrasting patterns look cohesive.

how to mix patterns

Offset by the neutral blue, the blue and tan plaid jacket and the polka dot pocket square make a striking combination.


3. Blend two sizes or scales of the same pattern.

how to mix patterns

The large checks on the jacket and the small checks on the custom shirt complement each other beautifully. The pocket square adds just the right contrast and color to the overall look.


4. Pair different prints of the same color(s).

how to mix patterns

A white and navy pocket round. A white and navy-striped custom shirt. A white and navy dotted tie with red accents. Suiting style doesn’t get more gorgeous than this look.


5. Find one color that runs throughout each pattern.

how to mix patterns

Up close, you’ll notice the slight shade of purple on the tie, the personalized jacket, and the pocket square. From far away, you’ll still see a suit that is bold, bright, and stunningly accented.

J. Hilburn 2014: The Rise of Fall


With autumn comes the return of of so many favorite sights, smells, and moments. Crisp autumn leaves. A slight chill in the air. Apple cider, pumpkins, and golden light.

And, of course, the release of the J. Hilburn Fall 2014 Collection.

This year’s Fall Collection is like any other in that we still have our signature blend of high-quality fabrics, classic styles, and custom and ready-to-wear options. But this year is also like no other in the ways we’ve deepened our attention to texture, color, and autumn elegance.

See for yourself.

J. Hilburn Fall 2014 checks

In addition to our mainstay fabric selections for our custom dress shirts, we’ve added a series of fall-inspired checked fabrics. The colors–berry, sage, brown, and grey–say Fall. But the shirt–designed to fit your specific measurements and preferences–only says you.


J. Hilburn Fall 2014 Loro Piana

With the rise of Fall comes the rise of outerwear. You don’t need to sacrifice your style with the coat you wear. In fact, with this Northeastern Overcoat (made with Loro Piana’s patented Storm System fabric), you can enhance your style.


J. Hilburn Fall 2014 corduroy


Corduroy might be the quintessential Fall fabric. J. Hilburn offers both made-to-measure trousers and personalized jackets in a wide selection of corduroy colors. As an added bonus, your J. Hilburn personal stylist can help you select complementary (and awe-inspiring) shirting fabrics, ties, and accessories.


J. Hilburn Fall 2014 ready-to-wear jackets

This season, J. Hilburn released a set of ready-to-wear jackets. They are slightly more affordable than our personalized jackets, but they’re still crafted with our commitment to quality, fit, and style.


J. Hilburn Fall 2014 cashmere

Slip on some autumn luxury with one of J. Hilburn’s cashmere sweaters. Set it off with our AG or JBrand denim. Add a belt (or even a J. Hilburn custom belt). It’s the perfect blend of comfort and style, and it’s so very Fall.


Contact me today to schedule an appointment so that we can update your Fall wardrobe. Or, if you’re interested in pursuing a career as a J. Hilburn personal stylist, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me: I’d love to share my experience and more about the company with you!

Be Smart, Dress Smart: Why Your Professional Appearance Matters


suit fall 2103Have you put much thought into what you wear to the workplace?

Regardless of whether you want it to or not, your professional appearance does matter. It matters to your clients and customers, and it matters to those with whom you work. As Christian Knutson writes in his piece for

In your business, the business of life or career, how you present yourself will directly impact what you achieve…Take a look at who you work with, who your clients are, who you serve, and what’s expected of you and attire yourself appropriately.

To be clear, caring about how you dress in your professional life  is not about chasing the latest trends. Instead, it’s about expressing your confidence, your class, and your character with the clothes that you wear. It’s about communicating who you are as a person and as a professional. It’s about ensuring that your first impressions are just as great as the ones that follow.

Ask yourself: what does your customer base expect of you? Do they expect you to look clean and put-together? Do they expect you to look like a trustworthy manager of their assets or their project? Do they expect you to look like an expert in your field? When you dress the part, you address your clients’ and customers’ expectations. That in and of itself is no small matter.three-images

Moreover, with the right attention to your professional appearance, you can say that you are organized, confident, thoughtful, and attentive to detail without having to say anything at all. It’s a matter of color, fit, and style. It’s a matter of finding the clothing that works best for you: not for models and not even just for your co-workers but for you.

And there’s no one better to help you elevate your professional appearance and everything that you communicate about yourself with your attire than a J. Hilburn personal stylist.

Make your professional wardrobe one that communicates your confidence, class, and character with a selection from J. Hilburn’s custom and ready-to-wear clothing. As a personal stylist, I can help you select the clothing that not only fits you impeccably but also expresses exactly what you want to say about yourself as a person and as a professional.

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