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Is a Home Business Right for You?


Working from home: Some people think it’s a matter of living the dream. Others think that it’s a total nightmare. You might even be wondering if an at-home job is the right fit for you.

I’ve worked from home for over a decade and know that it is the absolute right fit for me. But I’ve also coached and mentored individuals who just couldn’t get working-from-home to work for them. If you’re considering pursuing an at-home job, you should also consider these five points  before launching your at-home career.

1. Are you self-motivated?

And I’m not just talking about simple self-motivation. Any successful person has at least some level of self-motivation. But to work from home successfully, you need to find the drive and motivation to work without any face-to-face co-workers inspiring (and yes, sometimes bothering) you on a day-to-day basis. Your goals will come primarily from you: not anyone else.

2. Can you build a work-related network?

No one succeeds in a vacuum. You still need to make connections with people outside your home office in order for your home business to succeed. That might mean attending industry conferences, establishing regular coffee or lunch dates with other at-home workers, or going out of your way to meet and connect with clients outside of your home. Without building this sort of network, you risk missing out on those important relationships that can take your business to the next level.

3. Is your business going to offer the right sort of financial reward for you?

Some people start a home business in order to supplement their family’s income. Others are looking for complete financial independence. Whatever it is that you’re seeking, make sure that you have enough savings in place–and a solid business plan–in order to ensure that your home business will help you meet your financial goals.

4. Are you able to set boundaries between your work and your life within your home?

Some people establish a separate home office–one where they can close the door at the end of the day, thereby keeping their work life and home life absolutely distinct. Others find that they are happy to have a more mobile “home office” and prefer to work all over their house at different times during the day. You can find what works best for you. Just make sure that your home business setup allows you to find balance between work and everything outside of your job.

5. Do you have a passion for your work?

Especially if you are starting your own business at home, this passion will help keep you motivated and inspired to grow and change your business over time. Passion, or at least a sincere interest in what you do for a living, will keep you motivated, will keep you in search of that ever-important network, and will keep you on the path to success.

Learn more about starting a home business.



Why J. Hilburn is a Perfect Fit for Women Entrepreneurs


It should go without saying that women entrepreneurs are a driving force in the economy.

According to a 2013 report on Women-Owned businesses, the United States boasts approximately 8.6 million women-led businesses.  In addition to generating $1.3 trillion in revenues, these businesses also employ 7.8 million people. In fact, between 1997 and 2013, women-owned businesses grew at 1.5 times the national average.

And there is still room for growth, still a world of possibilities for both new and experienced women entrepreneurs alike.

Many women across the country have that entrepreneurial spirit–the leadership skills, the motivation, and the self-starter attitude–but they haven’t yet found that one perfect business that suits their needs and lifestyle.

J. Hilburn might just be the perfect fit for them, and for you if you are a woman entrepreneur.



1. The job is flexible.

As a J. Hilburn personal stylist, you can make your own hours and set your own schedule. Approximately 80% of our stylists work from home, dedicating only 10 hours a week or less to their J. Hilburn business. Thus, you can establish the vast majority of your business in your own home, setting up any outside appointments at your customers’ homes or offices. So whether you are looking for part-time position that gives you a supplemental income or a full-time career with unlimited growth opportunities, J. Hilburn can fit your needs and goals. In fact, the role of a personal stylist is perfect for everyone from young women looking for a new career to mothers whose children have just entered school to partially or newly retired women.

2. You will build new skills no matter what your level of experience or expertise.

Every J. Hilburn personal stylist is trained to take a series of measurements to help their customers build the best custom clothing possible. You’ll learn about everything from complementary colors to wardrobe building. Moreover, you’ll use these skills to help men build class, confidence, and character with the clothes they wear. So whether you are a college-educated woman (like many of our stylists are) or a woman who has built her education on a lifetime of learning from experience, this career will still give you room to grow and learn more.

spring men

3. But you can also use skills that you have developed on your own over the years.

If you have that entrepreneurial spirit, you likely already have some of the skills you need to become a J. Hilburn personal stylist. Do you have a great sense of organization? Do you have a keen eye for style, color, and clothing? Are you personable and passionate about the work you do? Are you goal-oriented? Any or all of these skills can help make you a fantastic personal stylist.


4. You will be part of a high growth company whose success is grounded in its many personal stylist, most of whom are extraordinary women entrepreneurs.

Ranked #605 on Inc.’s 2013 5000 List, J. Hilburn has seen a 758% three-year growth. What’s more, part of J. Hilburn’s five year forecast includes doubling revenue and partner growth over the next few years. These are only some of the many reasons why the time has never been better to become a J. Hilburn personal stylist.


And if you consider yourself a woman entrepreneur–even if you only want to be a woman entrepreneur–you probably already have it in you to be an incredible J. Hilburn personal stylist.


Get in touch with me today to see if J. Hilburn would be a good fit for you.

Career Opportunities: Why Join J. Hilburn?


join j. hilburnJ. Hilburn made Inc. Magazine’s 5000 list once again this year, boasting a 758% three year growth.

Just last year, J. Hilburn shirts were named the “best dress shirt” by Esquire.

And currently, J. Hilburn is the #1 custom dress shirt maker in the world.

This all demonstrates why J. Hilburn is a premier company, with a line of impeccable custom and ready-to-wear clothing.

But what makes J. Hilburn a premier company to work for?

What makes their career opportunities so desirable? What makes working as a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist so rewarding?



With J. Hilburn, you have the opportunity to earn a full-time income with part-time and/or flexible hours. In fact, you can create your own hours as a J. Hilburn personal stylist.

This is one of the many reasons why J. Hilburn is a perfect business for parents looking to re-enter the workforce, for people looking to supplement their income, or even for people looking to launch a full-fledged career as a men’s personal stylist.


Growth potential

With their unique blend of e-commerce and personalized customer service, J. Hilburn is poised to continue growing at the exponential rate that it has been growing in recent years. Even so, the company is still relatively new. This means that there are enormous markets where new personal stylists can carve out their own niche and tap into a brand new customer base.

Chicago, New York, Orlando, Atlanta: these markets and more are almost wide open with incredible access to brand new customers who are yearning for the hassle-free, personalized shopping experience that J. Hilburn offers.


Personal investment

join j. hilburn

Personalized shopping and custom clothing made simple

This isn’t a matter of investing your hard-earned money into J. Hilburn: what I’m talking about is the investment that J. Hilburn places in us, their personal stylists.

We’re trained to take impeccable measurements so that our clients benefit from the superior fit of J. Hilburn clothing. We’re educated on fabric quality and fit and style. We’re rewarded when we meet and exceed our goals, and we’re valued not just as personal stylists but as persons.

J. Hilburn invests in us. And that’s not something you find every day in a company.


Pride in the company and the product

As a J. Hilburn personal stylist, it’s easy to get excited about the company and the clothing that we offer to our customers. From custom clothing to ready-to wear pieces, from tailored suits to casual shirts, from formal wear to weekend wear, we help men dress for and rise to every occasion they encounter.

Each one of us is a integral part of building the world’s most personal and powerful men’s brand, and we’re all proud to take part in this opportunity.


If you’re looking to join a company that offers you job flexibility, enormous growth potential, personal investment and skill building opportunities, and the ability to work with a business that you can really take pride in, please don’t hesitate to contact me today to learn more about becoming a J. Hilburn personal stylist.

Your dream career is awaiting you.

A Stay-at-Home-Mom Re-enters the Workforce: My Journey as a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist


For many stay-at-home-moms, choosing to re-enter the workforce can be both an exciting and a daunting task.  As a stay-at-home-mom who went on to become a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist, I found my transition back to the workforce to be not just exciting but also rewarding.

How and why was this position perfect for me?


Choosing to Re-enter the Workforce

working with j. hilburnAfter years working in corporate America, I chose to stay at home with my three grade-school age children.  I loved this time with them, and I count myself lucky for being able to spend these years with them.

As many of us know, staying at home with children is still work!  But as many of us also know, it is not paid work.

Seven years after choosing to stay at home, our family’s financial needs changed significantly.  I needed to find a new source of income, but I wanted something that afforded me the opportunity to be home for my children and still pull in a professional income.  That’s when I found J. Hilburn.


Becoming a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist

So why J. Hilburn?  Why them, as opposed to any other company that might allow me the flexibility to work from home?

It wasn’t just that I could create my own hours.  It wasn’t just that I could build my own business and help others do the same.  I chose J. Hilburn for these reasons and because I had never experienced a similar company that had not only real long term financial rewards but also a clear vision for building a dynamic, powerful brand.  And in building this brand, they are committed to their partners, like me, every step of the way.

My transition into the company was also easy.  I could build my business at my own pace, working with my professional contacts and educating myself within the time parameters available to me.  And my business has been growing ever since.


Working with J. Hilburn

So what do I do as a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist?  On a practical level, I bring the clothing store to men.  Instead of having to shop for their clothes in stores, my customers can meet me on their time, at their convenience, and select their clothing from J. Hilburn’s vast catalog of everything from formal wear to business wear to weekend casual wear.  I even take their measurements to ensure that their custom clothing fits impeccably.

But on a more personal level, I help bring personal style, character, and class back to my customers.  Being a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist isn’t just about finding my customers’ precise measurements: it’s also about helping them express their inner confidence through the way they dress.  Deep down, every man wants to be a gentlemen.  As  a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist, my goal is to help facilitate just that.


The Hard Work and the Rewards

To be clear, J. Hilburn is not a get rich quick scheme.  I’ve had to apply myself and dedicate myself to my business in order to reach my current level of success.  With that being said, J. Hilburn still offers all of its Personal Stylists the opportunity to work part-time hours and earn a professional income.  More than that, they offer numerous rewards to those partners who continue to build their customer base and their partner base.

None of the opportunities with J. Hilburn are hypothetical either: they are real.  And I am living proof of that.


This is all why I chose J. Hilburn as my route to re-entering the workforce as a former stay-at-home-mom.  The financial and personal rewards are there, the brand strength is there, and my own J. Hilburn business is here–and all over the country–growing ever steadily each day.

j. hilburn

j. hilburn fall5


Are you a stay-at-home-mom looking to enter or re-enter the workforce?  Are you looking to launch a new career  or even just earn a second income?  Please contact me today to learn more about becoming a J. Hilburn Personal Stylist.

J. Hilburn Business Opportunity Call on May 9


j. hilburn business

Did you know that five year forecast projections have J. Hilburn continuing to double partner and revenue growth each year?

Did you know that J. Hilburn hit a new sales record in April of this year?

Did you know that J. Hilburn offers incredible business opportunities to its partners?

You might be interested in knowing, then, that J. Hilburn is conducting two business opportunity calls tomorrow–Thursday, May 9, 2013–at noon and at 8 p.m. CDT.  During this call, you’ll hear from some of the company’s Top Income Earners and from company co-founder and CEO, Hil Davis.  You’ll get to hear about where the company is headed, and you’ll get to learn about how you can build your own J. Hilburn business.


To join the call:

 Dial: 1-605-475-6333

Passcode: 813621

Space is limited to the first 150 callers, so please don’t hesitate to dial in!


And once you’ve had the chance to join in and learn about this incredible opportunity, please contact me to find out more about joining my highly successful nationwide team of J. Hilburn Style Consultants.

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