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J. Hilburn Featured in Inc. Magazine


If you want to learn more about the story of J. Hilburn–and if you want to learn more about the vision and drive behind their success–you don’t need to look any further tumblr_mbslr2JvEp1rsq9pko3_500than the February 2013 issue of Inc. Magazine.

Here, you’ll find J. Hilburn co-founder Hil Davis’s compelling story: one that takes him from Wall Street to a a start-up business based on direct sales, all because of an inspiring moment he had while reading The Warren Buffet Way.

You’ll discover that J. Hilburn’s success didn’t come easy.  At the beginning, the success was even pretty hard to come by.

But J. Hilburn has found an enormous success in the past few years, building an impressive team of  2500 style advisors from coast to coast, developing an innovative Style Kit app for the iPad that allows style advisors to personalize their customers’ sales experiences, and creating luxury men’s clothing at affordable prices.

As is apparent in the Inc. article, Davis prevailed because of his drive and commitment: his commitment to his customers, to his J. Hilburn partners, and to the high quality men’s clothing that J. Hilburn is now known for delivering.  What’s more, as Davis and the rest of the J. Hilburn company have perfected their brand and business model over the past few years, they have grown at a staggering pace to become the single largest seller of custom men’s dress shirts in the world.  This is no small feat.

If you would like to join my inspiring and successful J. Hilburn team, please don’t hesitate to contact me today.  You can even apply to join my team directly on my website.

We’re building this team and this brand nationwide, and there couldn’t be a more perfect time to join J. Hilburn than now.


You can read more about Hil Davis’s bold story behind his success on newsstands everywhere in the latest issue of Inc. Magazine.

The J. Hilburn State of the Union


J. Hilburn co-founder Hil Davis recently released a “J. Hilburn State of the Union.”  In it, he explains both the growth that J. Hilburn saw in 2012 and the projected growth that he adn the rest of the J. Hilburn team expect to see in the next five years.

This is an exciting video.  It’s a thrilling video even, especially for someone like me who is so passionate about my J. Hilburn business and the J. Hilburn brand as a whole.

Here is just a sampling of the many highlights from Hil’s message:

  • In explaining their five-year forecast, Hil includes the projection that J. Hilburn will continue to double partner and revenue growth each year.
  • In 2012, J. Hilburn  tripled number of partners making $3000 or more per month in commissions.
  • Attiitude, Belief, Committment, Duration: these are the ideas at the core of J. Hilburn’s business, and their effect is apparent in J. Hilburn’s rapid growth.
  • J. Hilburn’s revenue in year 5 was greater than LuLuLemon’s revenue in their year 5–so imagine the potential growth that is ahead of J. Hilburn!
  • Each J. Hilburn’s partner’s goal doesn’t have to be the same: they range from being able to take a family on a vacation for the first time to paying for a semester of their child’s college tuition to completely maximizing their earning potential as a full-time J. Hilburn partner.

And these are only some of the highlights from the video!

Do you want to learn more about the amazing opportunities that J. Hilburn offers to its partners and about the continued rapid growth that is ahead of them?  Please watch Hil’s State of the Union.

And then contact me to learn more about how I can help you start your J.Hilburn business.


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