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Is a Home Business Right for You?


Working from home: Some people think it’s a matter of living the dream. Others think that it’s a total nightmare. You might even be wondering if an at-home job is the right fit for you.

I’ve worked from home for over a decade and know that it is the absolute right fit for me. But I’ve also coached and mentored individuals who just couldn’t get working-from-home to work for them. If you’re considering pursuing an at-home job, you should also consider these five points  before launching your at-home career.

1. Are you self-motivated?

And I’m not just talking about simple self-motivation. Any successful person has at least some level of self-motivation. But to work from home successfully, you need to find the drive and motivation to work without any face-to-face co-workers inspiring (and yes, sometimes bothering) you on a day-to-day basis. Your goals will come primarily from you: not anyone else.

2. Can you build a work-related network?

No one succeeds in a vacuum. You still need to make connections with people outside your home office in order for your home business to succeed. That might mean attending industry conferences, establishing regular coffee or lunch dates with other at-home workers, or going out of your way to meet and connect with clients outside of your home. Without building this sort of network, you risk missing out on those important relationships that can take your business to the next level.

3. Is your business going to offer the right sort of financial reward for you?

Some people start a home business in order to supplement their family’s income. Others are looking for complete financial independence. Whatever it is that you’re seeking, make sure that you have enough savings in place–and a solid business plan–in order to ensure that your home business will help you meet your financial goals.

4. Are you able to set boundaries between your work and your life within your home?

Some people establish a separate home office–one where they can close the door at the end of the day, thereby keeping their work life and home life absolutely distinct. Others find that they are happy to have a more mobile “home office” and prefer to work all over their house at different times during the day. You can find what works best for you. Just make sure that your home business setup allows you to find balance between work and everything outside of your job.

5. Do you have a passion for your work?

Especially if you are starting your own business at home, this passion will help keep you motivated and inspired to grow and change your business over time. Passion, or at least a sincere interest in what you do for a living, will keep you motivated, will keep you in search of that ever-important network, and will keep you on the path to success.

Learn more about starting a home business.



Corporate Gifting and Custom Clothing


As you  consider corporate gift ideas for this year, make sure to include the gift of custom clothing on your list.

It might not seem like an obvious choice at first. You probably don’t know your recipients’ measurements. You don’t know their style. You might not even remember what they were wearing the last time you saw them.

A J. Hilburn custom shirt package, however, takes all the guesswork out of custom clothing. When you purchase a J. Hilburn custom shirt (or set of custom shirts) for someone, you give them:

  • Access to their own J. Hilburn Personal Stylist.
  • Assistance with fit, style, and wardrobe-building.
  • The luxury of having a shirt created from ten of their unique body measurements.
  • The ability to choose from dozens of fabrics in an array of colors and patterns so that they can get the look that they prefer.
  • A selection of twelve customization options for their final shirt(s).
  • The choice to make their custom shirt as formal or casual as they want it to be.
  • A Shirt that Fits™–truly.

corporate gift ideas

Moreover, you give them something they can remember you by.

In fact, a J. Hilburn custom shirt meets all the requirements that most people are looking for when seeking a good corporate gift idea. It’s thoughtful. It’s personalized. It’s unique. It’s useful. And since it’s a shirt, it will get multiple uses: every time the recipient slips it on, he’ll think of you and your business.


So let’s talk.

Schedule an appointment. Send me an email. Give me a call. I’d be happy to help you create a custom shirt gift package for your corporate gifting needs.

Why J. Hilburn is a Perfect Fit for Women Entrepreneurs


It should go without saying that women entrepreneurs are a driving force in the economy.

According to a 2013 report on Women-Owned businesses, the United States boasts approximately 8.6 million women-led businesses.  In addition to generating $1.3 trillion in revenues, these businesses also employ 7.8 million people. In fact, between 1997 and 2013, women-owned businesses grew at 1.5 times the national average.

And there is still room for growth, still a world of possibilities for both new and experienced women entrepreneurs alike.

Many women across the country have that entrepreneurial spirit–the leadership skills, the motivation, and the self-starter attitude–but they haven’t yet found that one perfect business that suits their needs and lifestyle.

J. Hilburn might just be the perfect fit for them, and for you if you are a woman entrepreneur.



1. The job is flexible.

As a J. Hilburn personal stylist, you can make your own hours and set your own schedule. Approximately 80% of our stylists work from home, dedicating only 10 hours a week or less to their J. Hilburn business. Thus, you can establish the vast majority of your business in your own home, setting up any outside appointments at your customers’ homes or offices. So whether you are looking for part-time position that gives you a supplemental income or a full-time career with unlimited growth opportunities, J. Hilburn can fit your needs and goals. In fact, the role of a personal stylist is perfect for everyone from young women looking for a new career to mothers whose children have just entered school to partially or newly retired women.

2. You will build new skills no matter what your level of experience or expertise.

Every J. Hilburn personal stylist is trained to take a series of measurements to help their customers build the best custom clothing possible. You’ll learn about everything from complementary colors to wardrobe building. Moreover, you’ll use these skills to help men build class, confidence, and character with the clothes they wear. So whether you are a college-educated woman (like many of our stylists are) or a woman who has built her education on a lifetime of learning from experience, this career will still give you room to grow and learn more.

spring men

3. But you can also use skills that you have developed on your own over the years.

If you have that entrepreneurial spirit, you likely already have some of the skills you need to become a J. Hilburn personal stylist. Do you have a great sense of organization? Do you have a keen eye for style, color, and clothing? Are you personable and passionate about the work you do? Are you goal-oriented? Any or all of these skills can help make you a fantastic personal stylist.


4. You will be part of a high growth company whose success is grounded in its many personal stylist, most of whom are extraordinary women entrepreneurs.

Ranked #605 on Inc.’s 2013 5000 List, J. Hilburn has seen a 758% three-year growth. What’s more, part of J. Hilburn’s five year forecast includes doubling revenue and partner growth over the next few years. These are only some of the many reasons why the time has never been better to become a J. Hilburn personal stylist.


And if you consider yourself a woman entrepreneur–even if you only want to be a woman entrepreneur–you probably already have it in you to be an incredible J. Hilburn personal stylist.


Get in touch with me today to see if J. Hilburn would be a good fit for you.

How Does J. Hilburn Fit the Fashion Forecast for 2014?


On the very last day of 2013, Wall Street Journal fashion reporter, Christina Binkley, released a fashion forecast for 2014. With a look ahead to upcoming trends and styles, Binkley’s forecast includes much of what J. Hilburn already carries and a good deal of what we plan to carry in our 2014 collections.

What are some of the key moments from Binkley’s piece?

The new “It” color—purple—complements nearly every complexion. Some easy-wearing classics— [such as] preppy shirt patterns for men…will continue to rebound.

J. Hilburn’s custom shirts are available in a variety of patterns and colors, including an array of purples ranging from lavender to eggplant. We even have a blend of the the new “It” color with the preppy shirt patterns that Binkley describes in our white and purple gingham fabric.

Say “yes” to pinstripe suits and hosiery for daytime and to tuxedos and sequins as evening wear: Elegance is back, but with a very modern sense of ease…Gentlemen, break out your ties, and enjoy the option—not the requirement—of wearing them.

Modern tuxedos with a classic elegance. Classic tuxedos with a modern fit. Whichever way you look at it, J. Hilburn can outfit you with formalwear that is expertly and impeccably tailored.

tuxedo fall 2013


Many middle-aged men will welcome new “traditional” styles, which not only recall their dads but add an extra inch or two in the girth to trendy slim sizes.

A double-breasted suit can look chic. A pocket square can elevate your style. These trends aren’t old-fashioned: with the right modern look, they are a fashion-forward nod to some of the very best vintage styles.

j. hilburn fall7


Metrosexuals are so 2004, but in 2014, men will come into their own as fashion victims. Overdesigned clothes and a plethora of manly hair and skin-care lines will enable carriers of Y chromosomes to make fashion choices just as ill-judged as those of the fairer sex.

As humorous as Binkley’s assessment might seem, it’s an important insight into men’s fashion too. This is why J. Hilburn always integrates contemporary trends with a respect for class and elegance. No J. Hilburn customer deserves to be a fashion victim.

So here you have it: Logos won’t disappear in 2014, but they’ll be more subtle.

You won’t find a J. Hilburn piece emblazoned with our logo in big, bold letters. What you will find, always and forever, is the ever-present look, feel, and impeccable fit of all J. Hilburn clothing.

And that look, feel, and fit are things that will always be on trend.

suit fall 2103


Make sure to check out the rest of Binkley’s 2014 fashion forecast.

Contact me today to keep your wardrobe on trend for 2014!

2013: A J. Hilburn Year in Review


Every year with J. Hilburn is an exciting year. We’ve continued to grow our sales exponentially, we’ve added hundreds of new personal stylists, and we’ve gained many more satisfied (and stylish) customers.

2013 has been a particularly exciting year. In fact, all of the exciting things that have happened this year seem to foreshadow all of the amazing things that are sure to happen for J. Hilburn in 2014.

What has made 2013 such a banner year?


1. Inc. Magazine ranked J. Hilburn #605 on its 2013 5000 List.

Inc 5000Posting a 758% three-year growth and a revenue stream that increased more than eight times over a three year period, it’s no surprise that Inc. Magazine took notice of J. Hilburn for this year’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list. Considering that 2013 has been such a successful year for J. Hilburn, we’re all looking forward to where we rank on Inc.’s list in 2014.





2. Inc. Magazine also ran a feature story on J. Hilburn co-founder, Hil Davis.

Part of what has made J. Hilburn so successful–and part of what distinguishes it from other menswear brands–is our unique business model. In “Made to Measure,” Inc. talks with Davis about how he has blended direct sales with luxury men’s clothing to deliver a business that brings personal stylists and custom and ready-to-wear clothing directly to J. Hilburn’s customers.


3. J. Hilburn opened our first pop-up shop in New York.

During its limited two-week run in October, the J. Hilburn pop-up shop (operating as “A Fortnight in Soho”) introduced J. Hilburn’s clothing and personal stylists to throngs of old and new customers. Everyone from Esquire to Time Out New York took notice too.

j. hilburn clothing



4. J. Hilburn clothing continues to appear on the “best of” lists in some of the industry’s finest publications.

Men’s Journal selected J. Hilburn as one of their “best on-demand bespoke suits.” Esquire Magazine chose J. Hilburn as one of their best suits under $1000. John Ruhlin chose J. Hilburn as one of the 13 most memorable executive gifts.

From custom suiting to custom dress shirts to ready-to-wear sweaters and other apparel, we think we’re some of the best affordable luxury clothing out there too.


5. J. Hilburn has also shared wonderful videos illustrating just what makes our company and our clothing so special.

We’ve shared a behind-the-scenes look at Magna Leather and the craftsmanship behind our leather belts. We’ve shared the Style TV coverage of the J. Hilburn pop-up shop.

And we’ve also shared this video from J. Hilburn co-founder, Veeral Rathod, demonstrating how J. Hilburn is revolutionizing the marketplace.

It only seems fitting that the revolution will continue in 2014.


Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and stylish 2014!

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