In-Person Styling

We work together by meeting when and where it’s convenient for you, whether that’s your home or office, my office, or one of our showrooms. If you live in another city that’s not a problem. I help business owners, executives, and speakers nationally. In-person consultations are easily arranged.

I take initial measurements and determine custom fit profiles.

Being fully trained in the custom business and having had the opportunity to be on the leading edge of custom menswear, I help guide you through the details, the fabric, and style options to make selections perfect for you and the impression you want to make.

Virtual Styling

You’re busy! Join me for a virtual styling session. I have online measuring applications that will assist us in confirming your fit. These virtual appointments are efficient, easy, and fun.

Is your wife, partner, or significant other the one primarily looking after and maintaining your wardrobe? That’s great; I have many clients just like you. Once we have confirmed measurements, I’ll work directly with them on your behalf.

Seasonal Digital Catalogs

There is always something new with 4-5 seasonal introductions per year. Seasonal Digital Catalogs and a Virtual Closet are ways for us to determine your next best look for the season.

Click here to view the current catalog for the lifestyle brand I represent.

Occasion Dressing & Travel

Do you have a special event or trip coming up and you don’t know what to wear or pack? Get in touch; we can create exactly what you need, from 18-holes to cocktails or brunch attire to formal.

Custom Formal Wear & Wedding Attire

Wedding attire deserves special attention, and I can assist you with every detail, whether you are the groom, dressing your groomsmen, or attending the wedding. I have everything you need with countless options and accessories for events.

No matter the occasion, our collaboration will ensure that you show up feeling great about how you look.

A Custom-Fitted Wardrobe Offers the Appearance and Distinction You Deserve

Discover A Custom Experience